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LED Lighting Products | Contact us (207) 699-5727


  • Jan242017

    Why Not LED’s for your house?

    Replacing one old fashioned 60W to 100W incandescent lamp in your house with an LED lamp will save you $225…

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  • Nov092016

    LED Outdoor Lighting Vs Metal Halide

        When weighing the pros and cons of LED outdoor lighting fixtures to more traditional lighting, a good place…

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  • Jul072016

    Instructions for an Outdoor Shower

    When my wife asked me to install an outdoor shower for the kids to use after being at the beach…

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  • Jun062016
    Eco-Story PAR20 (2) white housing

    10 Reasons to Switch to LED’s

    10 Reasons to Switch to LEDs   #1: Long Lifetime Arguably the best reason to switch to LED’s is their…

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  • May042016

    Another Way Clark Griswold Could Have Paid For That Pool…

    In the movie Christmas Vacation, Chevy Chase’s character, Clark Griswold, installed 25,000 Christmas lights.  Since we know that this was…

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  • Jan152016

    Compass Coffee opens in Washington DC with Eco-story LED Lighting

    After a lot of careful planning and store design, Compass Coffee opened for business.  The store has been packed from…

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  • Dec152015

    Eco-Story Installs LEDs in Maine Small Businesses

    Eco-story has been helping some of Maine’s small businesses take advantage of great rebates and make the switch to LED…

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  • Oct172015

    LED Lights at Local Chipotle Restaurant

    Chipotle: Early Adopters of LED Lighting, More Locations Going Green. A first to adopt LED lighting, Lifespec finds local establishment with Eco-Story LED lights.…

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