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Author archive for Tom Jacques

  • Nov092016

    LED Outdoor Lighting Vs Metal Halide

        When weighing the pros and cons of LED outdoor lighting fixtures to more traditional lighting, a good place…

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  • Jun062016
    Eco-Story PAR20 (2) white housing

    10 Reasons to Switch to LED’s

    10 Reasons to Switch to LEDs   #1: Long Lifetime Arguably the best reason to switch to LED’s is their…

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  • Jan152016

    Compass Coffee opens in Washington DC with Eco-story LED Lighting

    After a lot of careful planning and store design, Compass Coffee opened for business.  The store has been packed from…

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  • Dec152015

    Eco-Story Installs LEDs in Maine Small Businesses

    Eco-story has been helping some of Maine’s small businesses take advantage of great rebates and make the switch to LED…

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  • Oct172015

    LED Lights at Local Chipotle Restaurant

    Chipotle: Early Adopters of LED Lighting, More Locations Going Green. A first to adopt LED lighting, Lifespec finds local establishment with Eco-Story LED lights.…

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