LED Lighting Products | Contact us (207) 699-5727
LED Lighting Products | Contact us (207) 699-5727

$50 Million in Savings

Get to know the team behind Eco-Story

We founded Eco-story LED Lighting in 2006 on the premise that LED technology had advanced to the point that it was able to compete with traditional lighting.

To provide the highest quality of light and color, Eco-story spent considerable time selecting only the highest quality diodes and components and this cemented our reputation as a high quality manufacturer of custom and stock LED lighting.

We also knew that LED lighting technology offered the best opportunity for businesses to save money with minimal capital costs. To date we have saved our customers over $50 million in electricity costs with an average return on investment of less than one year. What was true then is still true today. But only better. Today, Eco-story manufactures an even wider range of high quality LED lighting for commercial applications: Restaurants, retail, hospitality, offices, and industrial needs.

Customers choose Eco-story for our high color quality, custom manufacturing capabilities, and pricing that is more competitive than the global brands. If you have one store or several thousand we will help supply a LED lighting solution for your specific and unique lighting application.