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Eco-story’s high voltage dimmable par 20, par 30, and par 38, A19 and BR LED lamps will work in nearly all types of dimming systems.  For a list of systems that have been tested please refer to the chart below.

The per cent range Eco-story’s lamps will dim down will vary on the type of dimming system and the load on system. It is very important to note that most commercial dimmers in the past were built with a minimum load requirement. This usually ranges from 40W to 100W per circuit.  If the total wattage of all the LED lights installed is not greater than the minimum load then it is common to have flickering and other performance issues. Additionally, because the minimum load is not exact it is common to notice a problem on one circuit and no issues on another circuit- even in cases where the load might be technically larger on the problem circuit. The problem can typically be solved by one of several methods. First, circuits can be combined to increase the load on a given circuit. For example if there are 8 LED lamps on two different circuits then combine the circuit so that all 16 lamps are on one circuit.  Another option is to install a load resistor. A load resistor will typically add an additional 40W of load to the circuit but only draw 10W of power. Finally, and least appealing, is to add a single incandescent or halogen bulb to one of the fixtures to bring the load above minimum.

Recommended Dimmer List for Dimmable Par/A/BR Lamps (The list will keep updating and more compatible dimmers will be added when available.)

Manufacturer Brand Model      Type     Max# of Lamps / Dimmer Dimming Range
Lutron   Skylark   S-600P-WH Leading 10-100%
Lutron  Lyneo     LXLV-600PL-WH Leading 4 10-100%
Lutron  DVCL-153P  Leading 15 10-100%
 Lutron  NT-603P-WH  Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron  Mastreo MAELV-600-WH  Trailing 36 10-100%
Lutron  Diva  DVELV-300P-AL  Trailing 18 10-100%
Lutron   LX-600PL-LA Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron   RadioRA RA-6ND-WH  Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron  TT-300NLH-WH  Leading 3 10-100%
Lutron   TGLV-600P Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron  S-600WH  Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron   1N106 Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron  VZM10-1LZ  Leading 10 10-100%
Lutron  TG-600L  Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron   Skylark  SELV-300P Trailing 18 10-100%
Lutron   S-603PG Leading 6 10-100%
Lutron  VZE04 Trailing 24 10-100%
Lutron  LXELV-600PL Trailing 36 10-100%