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The LED or light emitting diode is the technological core of the LED lighting market. There are several large diode manufactures such as Cree, Philips, and Nichia as well as lesser known cheaper manufacturers. We won’t use this area to pitch one diode as better than the other. We do strongly believe though, that it is best to stick with a well known diode manufacturer. What also is important to understand is the difference among diode models even from the same manufacturer. Because many manufactures, including Eco-story, use similar lamp housings or heat synchs many consumers assume that the lamps are essentially the same. However, what is inside LED lamps can be vastly different even when the exterior looks strikingly similar.

Diode counts: For example an MR16 can be made with several different diode configurations. Eco-story manufactures a 3X1 MR16 and a 3X3MR16. The difference is that the former uses 3 pieces of Cree’s much less expensive 1W diodes and the 3X3 uses the more expensive, higher color quality 3W diodes. To complicate the issue further, the current at which a product is driven can also vary. For example, our 3X3 MR16 product has a maximum rated wattage of 9W but we only run the product at 4.9 watts because anything higher would compromise the life of the product.

Color: The other difference is color quality and consistency. Some manufacturers will simply lump a broad Kelvin range when building warm white, cool white, or other color range of product. The result might be lower cost but also a very poor color consistency among the product. In fact, we have even seen some manufacturers use different color diodes in the same bulb.